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Roger Oswald Construction (ROC) is committed to Quality…Our commitment drives us to provide the highest level of service to you and motivates us to achieve beyond your expectations. By dedicating extensive energy to planning and construction phases of your home, "ROC" will make the process enjoyable and assuring for you. We have outlined the stages the team will pass through on the way to creating your "ROC" home.

During the Design Phase, "ROC" works with you to plan your dream. This includes choosing a site, plan and placement of the house. All of the selections that will make the house your distinctive home are planned out at this time.

In the Foundation Stage, the lot is prepared for your home, clearing and saving trees as necessary. The foundation and any slab floors are poured. All plumbing lines are run to the house at this time as well.

Your house begins to take shape during the Framing Stage. The backbone of the roof and all exterior and interior walls is set. Only experienced craftsmen will frame your home to ensure a quality structure to support the rest of construction.

The Enclosure Stage protects your home. All windows, doors, and shingles are installed at this time. For a healthy, moisture-proof home, we will wrap your home with a moisture-proof wrap or sheathing with moisture-guard before installing the exterior material.

The Goal of the Rough-In Stage is to prepare your home for sheet rock. All internal workings are installed including: electrical, HVAC, plumbing and communications.

In the Sheetrock phase, we ensure that your home is energy efficient with various forms of insulation before finishing the interior walls.

During the Trim and Cabinet phase, expert craftsmen install the woodwork you selected for your home including molding, cabinets, stair railings and doors.

The Painting Stage colors your home with your unique style. The structure will now reflect the warmth of your new home.

Counter tops are set and the installation of plumbing and electrical fixtures completes trade work.

During the Flooring Stage, the sub floors are covered with the fine materials you have chosen such as carpet, tile, and hardwood.

The Interior Accessory Stage results in the home interior that you have dreamed and planned. All final details such as towel bars door hardware are installed.

The Landscaping Stage adds curb appeal, and creates your outdoor sanctuary. Patios, decks and sidewalks are completed at this time.

At the end of construction, the builder walks through the home and performs an inspection to ensure that all aspects of the house meet the discriminating standards of Roger Oswald Construction. An inspection with you (the home owner) will also occur.

Your Home is Complete! The Builder will introduce your new home to you, and discuss the features and warranty with you.